Grecotel Mykonos Blu Luxury Hotel in Mykonos

Luxury Hotel in Mykonos is Grecotel Mykonos Blu, the best luxury 5 star hotel in Mykonos over Psarou beach and Mykonos Blu remastered! New lounges, restaurants & bars, exclusive new suites with waterfront verandas & private pools.

An adventure of the imagination, the new infinity pool is created by nature using soft warm breeze, sparkling sea and dazzling light. Mykonos Blu luxury 5 star hotel in Mykonos is a dreamy place, ethereal and unreal, when you are there but intensely real as it lures you to return.

The best thing about Mykonos island Greece is the views. A cycladic settlement with dramatic panorama on the mediterranean’s most glamorous island. Below, centre stage, the famed Psarou beach glimmers turquise. Nestled in the cosmopolitan island, discovered by jet setters, are the island bungalows, luxury suites and private villas of Grecotel Mykonos Blu luxury resort, thoughtfully designed to reflect the cubist lines of the Cyclades.

Set on a low bluff overlooking the world-famous beach at Psarou, this dreamy 5 star hotel in Mykonos floats on the edge of an Aegean fantasy, just like the unique infinity pool that seems to hover in the air.

Blu luxury Villas Mykonos remastered. Cycladic dramatic décor, sensual views & island chic right above Greece’s most famous beach.

Designed to take full advantage of the brilliant Aegean light, the Mykonos Villas are ultra-spacious, airy, and sun-filled with cool shaded terraces where you can enjoy tranquil moments and panoramic views of the sea and Mykonos Island. The ultimate Mykonos luxury accommodation .

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